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SAP Fieldglass-implementation


CoreChange played a key role in optimizing one of its clients’ procurement and management of external workforce, in collaboration with its partner, SAP Fieldglass. The client, a global telecom provider with operations in over 170 countries, have a significant need to hire external workforce and faced complex challenges. They required efficient and unified processes to manage thousands of consultants working in different countries and on various projects. After an in-depth pre-study, the client decided to use SAP Fieldglass as their VMS platform (Vendor Management System) to enhance the management of external resources. This platform aids in finding, hiring, managing, paying, and evaluating external consultants and consulting providers. Currently, up to 20,000 consultants are being managed through the new platform, covering 90% of the total cost.


CoreChange maintains a close partnership with SAP Fieldglass and takes pride in its high level of expertise across all facets of implementation. CoreChange has contributed significantly by achieving increased efficiency, enhanced visibility, and cost savings in the context of procuring external workforce. Here is what CoreChange has delivered to the client:

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