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We at CoreChange love change 

At CoreChange, we love change and drive our innovative agenda hard to continuously improve ourselves and our customers' solutions through consulting services. We have gathered like-minded people in a friendly environment where the tenets of willingness, trust, simplicity and fun are at our core. 

about us
about us
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We improve the customer experience 

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In addition to successfully driving our customers' change work, we are great at business systems and e-commerce. We improve the customer experience, understand the underlying processes, make full use of technology and know which new products and services fit best. This creates new opportunities, increased profitability and long-term sustainable solutions in an ever-changing digital world. 


CoreChange is a young company with operations in Stockholm and Gothenburg with the goal of following our international customers around the world. Within the CoreChange Group you will find our sister companies who each individually create targeted offers to meet local customer requirements. By and large, we are driven by our motto – Change is good. 


It is about how we as a society, companies and individuals should relate to the fact that technology is evolving at an ever faster pace and how our behaviours change 

- Åsa Bratt | Team Leader and Management Consultant 

Åsa bratt
LineCoreChange timeline


  • CoreChange is founded in Kista, where it rents out office space. 

  • CoreChange puts in place a partnership with TCS and hires its first employees. Following this it receives some 40 inquiries and signs some of them with the help of sub-consultants. 



  • Our SAP investment begins with Tobias Simolin at the helm. 

  • CoreChange moves from Kista to Kungsgatan 54 in Stockholm. 

  • CoreChange Gothenburg launches and opens an office in one of the wings of Råda manor. Walking meetings become a natural part of life. 

  • Partnerships with SAP and SAP Fieldglass are put in place. 

  • We have our first real joint Christmas party and kickoff where we set out food in the office with a lot of imagination, a lot of humour and a large does of willingness. 

Tobias Simolin


  • CoreChange's first framework agreement is signed. 

  • CoreChange has its first kickoff meeting abroad, in Malaga with culture as a theme. 

  • Our first real strategy "Ahead" is launched. 



  • CoreChange Gothenburg opens an office on Kungsportsavenyen 29, which will be a big boost for our operations in Gothenburg. 

  • A new long-awaited graphic profile is produced and we redesign the website. 

  • We pass 30 employees in the group. 

  • As one of the top companies in the country, we carry out a super interesting SAP HANA project for a customer in Stockholm. 

  • Establishes Great Place To Work. 

  • Kickoff meeting in Moselle with wine tasting, team building in a high-altitude trail, and a bike ride over the mountain. 

  • CoreChange signs framework agreements in the public sector in the Stockholm region. 

  • CoreChange lands an interesting project in Norway and creates a branch. 



  • CoreChange signs framework agreements with Electrolux and Volvo Cars, and is now up to a total of 10 framework agreements. 

  • We are participating in a major SAPSA event. 

  • CoreChange gets involved in and sponsors Tjolöholm Swimrun. 

  • CoreChange signs Jollyroom, a new customer for us in Gothenburg. 

  • Kickoff meeting in Berlin with strategy as theme. 

  • CoreChange is named the fastest growing consulting company in terms of headcount in Konsultkollen. 



  • CoreChange acquires Good IT, a smaller company in consulting services. 

  • Kickoff meeting in Athens with the CoreChange family as the theme. 

  • We develop several new offers, such as Test, E-Commerce and Security. 

  • CoreChange celebrates 5 years and has a great party in Stockholm. 

  • We pass the 60 employee mark. 

  • CoreChange's strategy for the incorporation of business units is initiated. 



  • CoreChange passes the 100 employee mark. 

  • We start two new companies in business systems (SAP). 

  • CoreChange launches its first trainee programme, CoreBETA. 

  • We establish partnerships with Tricentis and Tosca. 

  • Kickoff meeting in Grindewald, Switzerland. Our development model is refined and CSR is introduced. 



  • CoreChange starts the year with a full pipeline and good profitability. Then Covid-19 hits. 

  • During Q2, we are reluctantly forced to lay off some of our fantastic employees, and some become short-term layoffs. 

  • During Q3, the market turns faster than we dared to hope for, customers take consultants back on and demand picks up again. 

  • This year's kickoff meeting is cancelled for obvious reasons. 

  • CoreChange sales are declining for the first time since the start, but we manage to maintain a satisfactory level of profitability. 



  • We have a high demand for consultants and we are once again hiring new employees. 

  • We take on our first major commitment in test automation, together with Tricentis. 

  • For obvious reasons, this year's kickoff meeting is a little different. Half the company in Gothenburg and half the company at Kosta Boda – fun to meet again after just over a year. 

  • In October, we reopen our offices. 

  • CoreChange once again shows growth in the number of employees. 

  • We are establishing partnerships with the e-commerce platform Bizzkit and HubSpot to strengthen our e-commerce offering. 

  • CoreChange signs a framework agreement with Hedin Bil. 

  • We launch a new website just in time for Christmas Eve. 

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Join us on our journey ahead 

With almost 100 employees and a wide network, we are today one of Sweden's fastest growing IT and management companies. We are the energetic consulting company that, through knowing what we are really good at, can help our customers achieve increased business value, and we have fun doing it. 

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