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Digital full-service partner

Enterprise Solutions, Digital Solutions, Management

With nearly 180 employees and a broad network, we are today one of Sweden's fastest-growing IT and management companies. We are cutting-edge consultants who deliver innovative solutions and drive our clients' businesses forward, all while having fun.

LineOur expertise

IT and Digitisation Support 

Method Support 

Project Manager 

Change Leader 

Requirements Analyst 

Business analyst/Business developer 


Modelling Leader 

Enterprise Architect 

Solution Architect 

Software Architect 

Web Strategist 

E-commerce Strategist 

Interaction Designer 

Accessibility Expert 

Graphic Designer 


Technical Project Manager 

Scrum master

Front-end Developer React 

Full-stack Developer Java 

Integration Developer 


Automation Specialists 

Test Leader 

Performance Testers 

Test Analysis 

Supply chain