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Global digitalization program

Our role:

We are responsible for, and leaders of a global digitalization initiative where the client is transforming their production planning process together with selected suppliers for business functions, system development, and integrations.


The art of leading a global digitalization program

Our digitalization program is part of a larger digital transformation where several organizations and functions must work together to achieve the best effect and value for the company as a whole. Digital transformation in an era of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and an ever faster pace of change places ever higher demands on a common goal, culture and leadership.

  • Clear goals are important for the various suppliers to work towards a common goal and requires a high degree of communication, respect and consensus.

  • Culture is important for creating the right conditions to succeed together and help each other forward in teams that are distributed globally.

  • This means leadership where we collaborate with consensus through communication towards the clear goal through a culture of continuous improvement.


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