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Digital technologies that fundamentally change your business




If you find it exciting and want to learn more about digital business development, feel free to reach out to us.

New technology is constantly evolving!

Our focus is to keep pace with the advancements, be industry leaders, and provide our customers with knowledge.


Delivery Models that suit you


Do you have an idea, product, or system that needs analysis or requires verification of its potential?

We have an efficient and documented process where we can develop a functioning prototype within 4-X weeks and provide a plan for future development. 


Do you need a dedicated and skilled team that focuses on your product, project, or challenge for a short or extended period, taking responsibility for further development and maintenance?

We can assemble small or large teams according to your needs, which can be located on-site, locally, near-shore, or offshore.

Expert Consultant(s)

Do you need a resource with specific experience and expertise?

We offer a broad spectrum of roles with key competencies in technical leadership, on-site, locally, near-shore, or offshore, tailored to your needs and expectations.

Catering to Three Different Needs:

On-site or Remote with Local Presence

When you require specific roles and/or teams on-site, full-time, or during specific days or weeks. Your team needs to be locally anchored while also having a working model that functions remotely.


 Near Shore

When you need a team that operates within the EU and GDPR framework, but you seek a cost-effective price.


 Off Shore

When you require a highly skilled team at a lower cost, or if you have an international team and need to provide support and development across multiple time zones.


Or a Mixed Team



We can assemble your optimal mix of team members.

Why CoreChange 


Tailored to your needs regarding on-site or remote resources

Adaptable Teams

Flexibility to scale up or down based on your needs.

Shared Risks

We view our partnership as an investment and, as such, enhance our consultants' professional and personal skills to streamline delivery and performance. 

Business Understanding

We grasp your business, and our teams and developers have the right expertise to support it.


Software Experts

We possess relevant knowledge in AI, Embedded & Standalone solutions, Cloud Solutions,
Web & Mobile Solutions.

Long-term Approach

Our ambition is to foster long-term collaborations with strong partnerships. For all clients, we assign a mission manager who serves as the key person driving the collaboration.


Broaden Your Horizons, Explore the Industry

At CoreChange, we embrace change and vigorously pursue our innovative agenda through consulting services to continuously improve ourselves and our clients' solutions.

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