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We know SAP

With the help of the world's largest business system, we create magic to such an extent that we dare to claim that few can match us. We have led SAP GreenField implementations with over 100 consultants and delivered in record time. We have conducted proof of concept studies, driven improvement projects, conducted feasibility studies, and have been responsible for establishing support organizations in connection with the handover from projects to operations.



If you find it interesting and would like to learn more about SAP, feel free to reach out to us.


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At CoreChange, we embrace change and drive our innovative agenda relentlessly, continuously striving to improve ourselves and our clients' solutions through consulting services.

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We contribute with specialized expertise and are passionate about developing and enhancing our clients' existing system solutions while helping them become smarter businesses. At CoreChange, we simply love SAP, and this is evident among our customers as well.
Change is good! We are based in Sweden, and we're confident that this is where we can make the most meaningful impact for our clients. Nevertheless, our ventures across the world have allowed us to play a role in the growth of some of today's most successful companies.

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Tobias Simolin   


Tobias Simolin

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Erik Glasmästar

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