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Case – Management Consulting

Faster business with integrated customer information

customer info
Our role:

We are leading a project within a global manufacturing company where we are integrating a cloud-based CRM system with a masterdata system and an order management system. In the same project, we are introducing a new, semi-automated process for the introduction and validation of customers.

Faster business through smarter processes

customer information

In today's digital society, most people expect business to be quick and easy. After a new, potential customer has been identified, you want to be able to do business with them quickly and easily. If you are not fast enough, there is a great risk that the customer will lose patience and turn to another company.

At the same time, you do not want to rush the introduction of a new customer. It’s during the introduction of new customers that large amounts of important information about the customer can be collected, information that can be important to the provision of good service, a good impression and ultimately increased sales. It is also during the introduction of new customers that the customer is validated.

Is this really a customer we want to do business with? There are laws, for example, on money laundering, competition, bribery or terrorism that make it illegal to sell to certain customers. The collection and validation of customer information often takes place in several different systems and for several different roles (e.g. from sales, customer service, finance or masterdata). Our solution and our project managers ensure that information flows seamlessly between the various systems. With the help of a specific workflow, we have a semi-automated process that will radically shorten the time for handovers between different roles.

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