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A new business model means exciting challenges 

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Our role:

Disruptive innovation is not just something that small companies do. CoreChange was involved in rolling out a completely new business model to a large, global company in the automotive industry. 

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Larger companies often have a system and process legacy that smaller companies do not possess. Many see this as a weakness as a large legacy can contribute to sluggishness and a slower pace of change. But a large legacy can also mean the opportunity for reuse and reduced development requirements. 


It can be nice to not have to reinvent the wheel. The difficult, but also important thing, is to distinguish which products can be useful in the future landscape. We did this with the help of a technical understanding of the existing landscape and a clear vision of what achievements were required through the new business model. We then delegated a clear mandate to each product team to further develop their products to support the new business model. With the help of customer-driven development and short feedback loops, we increased opportunities to invest in the right things. 

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