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Management Consulting

We are modern management consultants with business change as our focus. With proven methods in combination with the great value that digitisation and agile working methods create, we help our customers, in both the private and public sectors, to drive change – from identification and design to realisation and taking effect. 


Take control and feel in charge of your change journey with the help of strategic advisors, competent change leaders and experienced project managers. Increase the power of innovation and employee engagement with the support of CoreChange.

With backgrounds as management consultants, we combine knowledge of new methods and digital tools to find innovative solutions so that our customers achieve increased internal efficiency with a higher focus on competitiveness and sustainable profitability.

LineFocus areas 


The importance of a good strategy is crucial to success

In fast-moving markets, flexible and sustainable strategies are required to maintain and strengthen a company’s market position. Breaking the strategy down and making well-founded decisions that support the strategy is critical to success. CoreChange combines experience and knowledge with insights from our customers and helps them to navigate and determine the way forward based on their strategies. 

With us you get help with:

  • Formulating and reviewing strategic objectives and understanding the business-related effects of strategic orientations in order to create the right conditions to be able to make decisions that support the business's overall goals. 

  • Breaking down the strategy into action plans and compiling a roadmap as a basis for a successful strategy implementation, which also provides the opportunity to prioritise and plan the business's resources prior to implementation. 

  • Assisting with knowledge and insights into how different digital tools can support strategic development. 

Transformation and Change 

Proven methods in combination with new ways of working and digital tools to achieve growth through transformation and change 

Leading and running business transformations is challenging and often requires significant investment. Together with our customers, we implement operational improvements with a combination of proven methods and new working methods, as well as digital tools. By building better capacity in the organisation, the opportunity is given to benefit from growth through transformation. We make the complex easy. 

With us you get help with:

  • Guiding management teams and managers at the CXO level with advice in their digital transformation. 

  • The transformation of parts, or the whole of your business to achieve set effect goals. We contribute the knowledge and methodologies required for successful implementations. 

  • Establishing an organisation through good change management that is trained in, and has adopted new ways of working in line with the transformation and that is ready to take over the management of new processes and solutions. 

Project Management

Reach your growth goals with new ways of working and digital tools

Together with our customers, we implement business improvements through agile methods and support them in finding and implementing new digital tools required for increased internal efficiency and improved collaboration. We have the knowledge to run digital projects and take advantage of the opportunities they offer, both in terms of working methods and culture. 

With us you get help with:

  • Performing quantitative and qualitative analyses of the business to create a clear picture of the opportunities for improvement and its effects. 

  • Developing well-founded decision-making materials and business cases, design and roadmaps for implementation to achieve the proposed improvement measures. 

  • Running digital projects through an agile approach with a clear structure and transparency for the project's stakeholders. 

  • Running projects with the help of experienced project managers and scrum masters certified in agile methods 

Digital Excellence

Digital solutions to improve and change the business, create new opportunities and strengthen competitiveness

Today, there are many digital tools for changing a business. With increasing progress in digitalisation, traditional business models are being challenged, and great demands are being placed on the ability to adapt to new conditions to be able to maintain and strengthen positions in the market. We have the knowledge of how these opportunities should be taken advantage of and can drive digital change in the business, both in terms of working methods and culture. 

With us you get help with:

  • Gaining an increased understanding of which digital tools are available on the market and producing a decision basis for investments to provide a clear picture of the business effect. 

  • Carrying out requirements, evaluations and procurements and compiling a roadmap for a successful implementation. 

  • Pursuing digital transformation to create a more efficient business that adapts to new ways of working through the support of digital tools. 

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