Test Management  

CoreChange Test Management; we are as it sounds, specialists in quality assurance and system & application development. 

test management

With our broad and deep expertise in testing and development, we help companies and organisations to strengthen the competitiveness of their products and services. In our project work we take responsibility for setting quality standards. We feel at home when developing your digital channels where customer experience is given a high priority. 

Digitisation in our society is moving at a faster rate than ever and our end users expect products and services to be up to date and work well. Many organisations and companies operate in highly competitive markets where the ability to bring ideas to life in a short time is a strong competitive advantage. Continuously working to strengthen testing capabilities enables faster time to market at a lower cost and higher quality.

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Test Automation 

Our specialists in test automation have worked on many different types of projects, with various processes, methods, tools and frameworks. Together with our partner Tricentis, we offer both licences and a full-scale implementation of tools for test automation. 


With experienced and certified specialists in the Tosca tool, we can roll-out the tool, train your own team of automation specialists and deliver test automation for your projects and your business. With documented experience from implementing tools for test automation, CoreChange has delivered automation specialists to a number of different organisations, where we are not dependent on certain languages or tools, but adapt solutions to the environment, situation and requirements. 

Testing and test management 

In organisations and companies with high rates of change, you sometimes need support to ensure the quality of your solutions and deliveries. A test leader helps you in the early stages to set out a strategy, a plan and implementation to find the right quality levels. Many organisations are in phases of change towards more agile and faster-moving, and ultimately more continuous ways of working. This affects the vision and working methods when working with quality and testing. A testing coach uses a coaching leadership method, which means inspiring and motivating the teams to take joint responsibility for ensuring the quality of the product. 


In the development area, we help our customers with their digital transformation from developing web applications, apps and e-commerce solutions to ensuring that information flows work effortlessly in everything from data warehouses or cloud services all the way to end users. Our consultants are used to working in agile environments where DevOps and or CI/CD are familiar areas with a focus on front-end and/or back-end development. 

Performance testing 

A slow application is the same as an application that doesn’t work. So let us help to ensure that your application, API, micro-service or entire end-to-end flow performs exactly as you’d like it to. Together, we ensure that your customers don’t leave you because your systems are not performing well enough. We do this by offering our long experience and deep expertise in performance testing, as well as by offering tools and licences from our partner Tricentis. NeoLoad is a modern tool that integrates well with our solutions for test automation. 

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