We live in a world where digital transformation has gone from something that was considered a priority, to being a necessity for running your business in the best possible way. When you choose CoreChange as a partner for your digital transformation journey, you get help throughout the entire chain, no matter where you are right now. We have UX designers who turn ideas into living prototypes, senior developers who are involved from idea to reality and solution architects with extensive experience in e-commerce. 

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If you’ve completed your strategy and know where you’re headed, but need help with the design and layout of your services, CoreChange has UX designers who can turn your ideas into living prototypes. We also have senior developers and solution architects with extensive experience in e-commerce who can help you with the implementation of various digital solutions.

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We help you on your digital transformation journey

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The number of players in the digital arena has increased competition and today it is no longer enough to just offer e-commerce or to have a website. Offering the same service and feeling that companies spend time cultivating in their stores but in digital form is an excellent recipe for success. At first it can feel overwhelming and almost scary, following which you sometimes need to ask for help to be able to change your business. Our key phrase is; "Change is good", which means that we are passionate about change and know that it is the key to success. 

One of the biggest trends we see in the market is the desire to be flexible, to be able to adapt quickly and to handle the rapid changes in the market. Being flexible is partly about how the company chooses to organise itself, what types of consultants they choose to call on and who they choose to hire. It can also be about the underlying technology, being Headless, Serverless, API first, to want to build a microservice architecture instead of a large solution. 

All of these technologies and design patterns aim to separate out the technology and adopt standards in order to be able to change direction more easily if the company realises that a wrong decision has been made. The technology is then linked to working methods that deal with fail fast systems such as Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Proof of Concept and will be measured with KPIs such as Time to Market (TTM). Another clear trend is that buyers of product-specific system solutions require that what they buy is Platform Agnostic. You want to be able to be flexible, but not only when it comes to system solutions, but also how you choose to operate the solutions and where you choose to operate them. 

As the solutions become more modular and scalable, this results in more choices for customers. Historically, a medium-sized company could only choose between a few solutions that were either small or too large. Thanks to modular thinking and subscription solutions: "pay as you go" opens up more choices.

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Digital Shelf Management

The Digital Shelf is the place where a company's products are sold. This can be on a reseller's website, a third party marketplace, social commerce website or in any other e-commerce channel. Unlike the physical store shelf, brands can’t rely on eye-catching product placement. 

Instead, they have to rely almost entirely on content such as pictures, videos, descriptions, instructions, pricing, ratings and reviews. When put together, these different pieces of content are displayed on retailers’ websites to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. 

If any of these vital pieces of content are missing or incorrect, it may result in missed sales opportunities.

We at CoreChange focus on

  • Within Digital Shelf Management, we offer Digital Shelf Managers who help your company to organise, analyse and optimise product content on all your retailers' websites with a focus on increasing your brand awareness among consumers for increased conversions/sales. 

  • Together with our partner SiteLucent, we also offer evaluation, implementation and management of a "Digital Shelf" monitoring tool, to help you analyse all your resellers and get a centralised datastore for increased insights, including on the performance of your digital shelf and online-sales. 

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