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SAP Business system 

With the help of the world's largest business system, we create magic, to the extent that we would dare to say that few can measure up to our level. We have led SAP GreenField implementations with over 100 consultants and delivered in record time, we have performed proof of concept studies, conducted improvement projects, done feasibility studies and been responsible for establishing support organisations in connection with handover from project to management. 

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We contribute with our cutting-edge expertise and are passionate about developing and improving our customers' existing system solutions while helping them to become smarter companies. CoreChange simply likes SAP, and our customers can tell. 

Change is good

We live in Sweden. We also believe this is where we do the most good for our customers. At the same time, we have travelled the world and been involved in the development of some of the most successful companies of our time.

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LineAreas of activity 


With the ability to see the big picture and monitor trends, we have transformed purchasing for both global retail and industrial companies into fast-growing e-commerce companies – often using SAP as a tool to realise our ideas. 

CoreChange delivers purchases, regardless of type, be it services or direct and indirect materials. We can purchase from scratch, as several of us have backgrounds in line roles and management. We understand the challenges where HR and purchasing are woven together in consulting and service purchasing. We have experience of global companies digitising purchasing and fast-growing e-retailer's challenges in connecting together purchasing, planning and sales. 

We work with you to drive your business forward. The consultants at CoreChange are an integrated team here to help you – all the way from idea to implementation. 

We at CoreChange focus on 

  • Streamlining and savings through comprehensive integrated system support within Procure to Pay 

  • A designated partner with unique expertise in Sweden regarding Workforce Management through SAP Fieldglass 

  • Implementations of SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management 

  • Strong user experience through Guided Buying from Ariba and SAP Fiori 

  • Sourcing and procurement with SAP 

Warehouse and production 

When Sweden's most successful companies look to implement SAP Extended Warehouse Management, CoreChange leads the work. We consider ourselves the country's leading SAP EWM supplier – and no one has contradicted us so far. 

At CoreChange, we have some of the country's most well-recognised Management and SAP consultants in logistics, warehousing and production. And we don’t just sit in offices in the city – we love to work from our customers' warehouses and production facilities. 

Through partnerships with SAP, Neptune and Zebra, among others, we develop solutions for modern, transparent and efficient solutions for warehousing and production. Always grounded in reality – and with SAP as a tool for realising improvements. 

We at CoreChange focus on 

  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management 

  • SAP Warehouse Management 

  • SAP Production and Planning 

  • Portability/PDAs 

  • Inbound and outbound logistics 

Finance and accounting

When S/4HANA was launched by SAP, finance was first to market. We were among the first to set up the product in Sweden. Since then, we have been a leader in finance and accounting in SAP, as ever in collaboration with CFOs and finance managers. Because really, it's very simple – there's only one truth. 

CoreChange thinks outside the box. An SAP Financial consultant's role is traditionally to work only with accounting and controlling, but we are process-oriented in our work. SAP FICO is involved in almost everything that happens, sales, production, purchasing and so on. We work together with you to drive your entire business forward. The consultants at CC are a team that supports and helps each other to give you the very best. 

We at CoreChange focus on 

  • Accelerating your year-end closing process with the Financial Closing Cockpit 

  • S/4 Hana Finance – "Single Source of Truth" enables in-depth analyses with current information 

  • Business Planning and Consolidation Software – implements budgeting, forecasts, financial statements, consolidation in a tool using real-time data. 

LineStrategy and advice 

With solid experience, we guide companies in choosing the right business systems for them 

CoreChange helps you and your company to procure a new business system. We also have experience of working with business operations and global IT suppliers. 

Let us help you to choose a new business system or design your IT strategy. Preferably at a fixed price, free of surprises. In a review, we start from well-defined areas and use a proven methodology in the form of a platform evaluation, in four steps: 

1. Functionality

2. Technical model 

3. Supplier capacity 

4. Time and cost 

Let us guide you into the future! 
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