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Case – Management Consulting

Global digitisation project

Our role:

In this global digitisation project, CoreChange filled the role of IT project manager within a large manufacturing company. We ran a number of projects in change work and digital transformation to achieve the company's long-term and short-term goals. This work is driven by the development of new methods, technology and working methods, to bring together technology, processes and organisation to meet the future and industry 4.0.

How a company meets future goals by bringing together technology, processes and organisation

globalt digitaliseringsprojekt

The daily project management work involves the entire chain from developing new requirements from customers in the market, to the planning and development of mobile apps, websites, as well as global cloud solutions and smart manufacturing methods for manufacturing processes, aftermarket and global teams, as well as financial responsibility and monitoring.

With increasing demands from customers for traceability within the entire life cycle of products from the time they are manufactured, to its total service life and final phase, increasing demands are placed on digital and global system solutions. Development takes place in tight module-based teams and through agile development methods that are quality-assured and synchronised for global rollouts in both manufacturing equipment for factories, cloud solutions and mobile app stores. In the global manufacturing and distribution chain, as well as in the global aftermarket throughout the products' life cycle, great demands are also placed on future development potential and synergy effects in order to later be able to process all product data for use in efficiencies, quality monitoring and increased customer satisfaction.

With an ever-increasing rate of change and often complex change pathways, it is important to introduce and lead all parts of the organisation from management, development, factory and aftermarket, with both technology and processes in mind. Experience is required here, but also a vision for future opportunities, which is important for reaching the goal and for a successful digital transformation.

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